Founded in 1957, the World Federation of International Music Competitions is a global network of internationally recognized organisations dedicated to identifying the most promising young talents in music. While providing a forum for dialogue and exchanges between its members, WFIMC provides guidelines, aiming for artistic excellence, integrity and fairness, and thus sets a globally recognized standard.
The federation is currently comprised of over 110 international music competitions and other institutions serving young musicians on their path to an international career.

The Federation is a member of the International Music Council of UNESCO in Paris.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, the Federation is supported by the Department of Social Cohesion of the Canton of Geneva.

Who we are

FMCIM People


Henri Gagnebin (1886-1977)

Founding President

Frédérick Liebstöckl (1900-1979)

Founding Secretary General

Board members

Didier Schnorhk, Geneva

Didier Schnorhk, Geneva


Secretary General, Concours de Genève

Peter Paul Kainrath, Bolzano

Vice president

Artistic Director, Ferrucio Busoni Intl. Piano Competition

Jacques Marquis, Fort Worth


President and CEO, The Cliburn Intl. Piano Competition

Rob Hilberink, Utrecht

Executive Director, Intl. Franz Liszt Piano Competition

Elisabeth Kozik, Munich

Managing Director, ARD Intl. Music Competition

Noriko Ogawa, Hamamatsu

Chair, Hamamatsu Intl. Piano Competition

Marja-Leena Petas-Arjava, Helsinki

Executive Director, Mirjam Helin Intl. Singing Competition

Honorary members

Lottie Chalut

Former Executive Secretary

Marianne Granvig

Former Secretary General

Philippe Languin

Former Board Member and Treasurer

Richard Rodzinski

Former Vice President and Board Member

Renate Ronnefeld

Former President and Secretary General

Fanny Waterman (1929-2020)

Former Committee Member


Florian Riem, Geneva

Secretary General

Sarah Betrisey

Sarah Bétrisey, Geneva

Executive Assistant

Jinyoung Kim, Seoul

PR and Social Media


FMCIM Sponsors

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